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tv   [untitled]    December 22, 2013 7:30am-8:01am PST

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place and yeah we think it will be a very good fit for the neighborhood. >> thank you very much. just for the record i do note that the district supervisor for this district 3 is in support of this application. let's turn it over to our police department . >> good morning sir and happy holidays to you all. justin beam and daniel doing business as resolute have filed an application seeking a type 42 on sale public premise license for 678 geer geary street.
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although not required to do so resolute plans on the sales of food with the pairing of their wines. there have been zero police calls and zero reports to september 2013 located in a high crime area there is a population of 3073 people and it is currently sitting on an undue concentrated area the letters of protest have been filed one was in question due to the rifle and the other one was conditional there were no letters of support that i'm aware of or have been made aware of. supervisor chu's office was contacted and as i mentioned they are in support of the business. approval with the following conditions --
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number 1 -- sales service and consumption of alcoholic beverages sunday through thursdays and from 12 p.m. until 2 a.m. friday through saturday with the exception of the holiday new year's eve may be allowed to sell alcoholic beverages until 2 a.m. no noise shall be audible beyond the area as defined on the form. number 4, the petitioner shall be responsible and maintaining free of litter of the premise for which they have control. loitering is prohibited on any sidewalks or property just in case graffiti shall be removed
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from the premises and all parking lots within 72 hours of the application if the graffiti occurs on a friday or weekend or holiday the . the interior lighting shall be sufficient to make easily discernible the appearance and conduct of all persons and patrons in the portion of the premise where alcoholic beverages be consumed. the exterior of the premises will be equipped with lighting. the appearance of persons on the premise and additional ly shall not disturb
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the normal privacy. thank you. >> thank you very much. do we have any questions for our police department? no questions. thank you very much for the presentation and why don't we now open it up to public comment i haven't received any speaker cards but i'd like to open it up to any member of the public who would like to speak on this item. if you could please come forward and you each have 3 minutes. >> i'm a personal friend and former colleague of justin's for over 10 years i own and operate a wine broker's in the city of napa and i've known justin all along the way as he has been working in the wine
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business. knowing the planning that's gone into this project i can only see positive things coming to the neighborhood that it's going into and i just think it's a fantastic fit. >> thank you very much. please go ahead. if there's any other person if you can please come forward. >> i've been in the wine industry a little over 10 years and i've known daniel over the past year at the press club. >> if you can speak in the mic please. >> sorry about that. i've worked with daniel for the past year at the press club underneath the 4 seasons and we have a very complicated wine list and to be in the wine world it's a tough industry takes people who are dedicated
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and compassionate and that's one of the differences i see with daniel and just tin's idea is they want to educate people to have them learn more about wine and feel more comfortable and this is a nice fit for the neighborhood and again daniel is a very stand up guy and he's been working very hard on this project and i really think he will be quite successful. >> thank you sir. anyone else who would like to speak on this item? seeing no one else public comment is closed supervisor yee. >> thanks for coming forward today for this license and i see that supervisor chu has pretty much accepted this. and it's kind of interesting to listen to the speakers. of
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course this is in my district, district 7 and unfortunately i was there on the morning of the fire and was very sad because it was such an up and coming small business on west portal and if this particular entity is going to duplicate anything that they did with this company then i think they will be in good shape and as the speaker mentioned the press club -- is it the press club? the funny thing is i grew up with ashley cleaning the press club when i was a teenager and filling the bars with wine so it's kind of bringing me back to my childhood days so i'll be supportive of this license. >> great thank you supervisor i
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just want to note that i was very impressed with the presentation. we had a number of applicants over the last through months and over the years i've seen many and i thought it was a very good presentation so we have a motion to move this item forward. thank you very much congratulations. we'll make that motion approved without objection thank you very much and thank you to our police department as well. congratulations. mr. clerk if you can please call item number 2 and i want to note we're joined by our deputy city attorney. >> the master plan and the public health and planning department. it's used with widespread community input to create the plan. >> great thank you very much and this is an item that i've introduced and before i turn it over to the speakers i want to
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make a couple of points. in the fall of 2010 the board of supervisors passed what we believe is groundbreaking legislation directing the department of public health and planning department to create a healthcare services master plan that would, for the first time in the history of the city here in san francisco and perhaps the first time in the country, be a comprehensive policy and that it will look at not only citywide but neighborhood by neighborhood and the master plan will help this board and other policy makers make smart informed decisions about critical healthcare decisions here in san francisco and a determination process so that future medical uses seeking to
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open and expand in san francisco must demonstrate that they are meeting the healthcare needs of san francisco i i can't know i this legislation is something that we worked on for a long time and we introduced it because we do believe that there is a connection between land use and healthcare and that often times we saw situations where healthcare decisions were land use decisions without understanding the healthcare positions of those and the process that we've followed in the last few years in implementing this master plan i think is an example of the fact that we in this city know how to work together and i want to thank the planning department,
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the health department and the entire city family for really coming together to make this possible. 3 years after the legislation has been passed and it's serindipid u.s. we're seeing a change in healthcare and the entire system nationwide the largest change in healthcare that we've had in several generations and san francisco is poised and in a unique position to be an example of how to effectively implement these changes and the master plan is a part of the tool it's a tool that allows us to have a better understanding of what the needs of the city are. again, i want to extend my thanks to the planning commission the planning department to director john ram
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and especially elizabeth and john for their help on the master plan and we're also indebted to health director barbara garcia and lori cook for embracing this legislation and without any extra funding implementing the legislation this implementation entailed running a robust process and developing a plan that's truly grounded on what's happening in the community. i also want to thank the 41 members of the task force that met 10 times throughout the city to develop this plan to advise the department of public health and planning department on how to draft the plan and a special
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thank you for cochairing the task force it took a lot of work and meetings and a lot of conversations so with that i also want to thank in my office hillary ronan who has been working on this for many years and i think that in years to come this is one of those things that we'll look back and be very proud of the fact that we started this comprehensive planning that outlines the healthcare needs not only of the city but of individual neighborhoods and groups and i think that this is something that will serve the citizens of san francisco for many years so i'm very proud of that so with that i'll turn it over to the presentation about the healthcare services master plan. >> thank you very much supervisor campos that was an
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elaborate introduction we'll just go for it my name is lori cook i'm here representing the san francisco department of public health and i'm here with my colleagues from the planning department how excited we are to be here today to present you with a plan we've worked on this plan for 3 years now and i want to thank you for the opportunity and the directive really to have a comprehensive look at healthcare in our city so we see this as an opportunity and we're grateful to be here today. preview of coming attractions. you will be happy to know that we've summarized the findings into one slide we'll see how that goes and welcome any


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